Sublimation Printers Available for Small and Large Fabric Printing Businesses

Sublimation Printers are suitable for any kind of business, either small or large, as they can produce small and customized batches as well as bulk products. Sublimation printers address other needs of the industries by flexibly fulfilling the demands. These printers, therefore, produce the required quality and quantity of products for your fabric printing business. 

Sublimation printers can be purchased on any budget as they have various categories. Sublimation machine manufacturers always provide a list of printers with different features for a variety of budgets. So, it is better to have a good idea of the various categories of digital sublimation printers to get the perfect product at the best price. 

Variety of Sublimation Printers and Their Categories

  1. Startup Solution: This is a solution for people who are new to the textile printing business. You can get full benefits of the sublimation printers even with the startup solution. 
  1. XF-1061 Sublimation Printer: This printer is made of aluminum and is budget-friendly. The printer provides high durability and precision and is applicable to a wide number of commercial applications. This printer has a great resolution of around 5760 dpi and has good color saturation for startups. It also contains a total 1080 number of nozzles. So, this sublimation printer is effective for achieving effortless printing. 
  2. XF-5193 Sublimation Printer: This is a compact configuration printer that is good for a wide range of applications. 13200-A1 printhead is used in this sublimation printer to acquire the resolution, speed, and great quality. It uses the Precisoncore tech to extend the lifetime of the printers. The nozzle of the printer can be automatically cleaned and moisturized efficiently. 
  3. Pro Solution: This solution is best for people with mega businesses. You can get a wide range of features in this category of sublimation printers. 
  1. XF-5198 Large Format Dye Sublimation Printer: The latest upgrade of the high-strength steel mainframe beam, fast delivery, and THK15 linear S-class premium. It has a compact structure and high resolution, great speed, and a long working life. Also, it comes with a well-performed nozzle that automatically cleans and moisturizes. 
  2. XF-5196 Sublimation Printer Large Prints: This sublimation printer has accurate ink drop positioning, providing high-resolution textile printing in various fibers, such as chemical fiber and nylon. The appearance of the printer can be customizable for your brand. It has a long time working life. 


Hence, sublimation printers of a variety of types are suitable for fulfilling the needs and demands of small and large-scale businesses. Remember to check the features carefully and compare them with other brands to get the perfect sublimation printers at the best price, as the right equipment can bring the transformation of the whole business positively.