Amber Heard Net Worth: Income Sources, Johnny Depp Divorce

Amber Heard is a American actress as well as model. In this blog we are going to cover Amber Heard Net Worth, sources of income, downfall in income, and reasons of downfall but before that let’s read briefly about the biography and other things about her. Read the full blog if you are interested in knowing about Amber Heard’s life. 

Who is Amber Heard?

who is amber heard ?

Amber Heard or Amber Laura Heard is a popular Hollywood star. Heard was born on 22nd April 1986 in Austin, Texas, USA. Amber is an actress, model, brand ambassador, and a human rights champion. She made her debut in acting in the year 2004 with the movie, “Friday Nights Lights”. And got first leading role in the horror movie named, “All the Boys Love Mandy Lane”. She has been in Hollywood for almost two decades now. She also did many popular movies like Aquaman (2018), Justice League (2017), Aqua and the Lost Kingdom (2023), and many others. 

Above mentioned are some major works of her but she got lots of attention because of her marriage with popular Hollywood actor Johnny Depp. Later, they divorced in 2017. 

Biography of Amber Heard 

Full Name Amber Laura Heard
Gender Female
Date Of Birth 22nd April 1986
Place Of Birth Austin, Texas, United States Of America
Nationality American 
Zodiac Sign Taurus 
Marital StatusDivorced (with Johnny Depp in 2017)
Height 170 cm or 5 feet 7 inches
Weight 60kg
Debut Friday Night Lights (2004)
Family Father: David Heard Mother: Paige ParsonsSister: Whitney Heard
Profession Actress, Model, and Brand Ambassador 
Previous Net Worth $10 million in 2013-2019
Current Net Worth $500,000

Amber Heard Net Worth

Net Worth of Amber Heard

If we talk about her Net Worth, it is said that Amber Heard Net Worth was around $10 million during the years of 2013-2019. She earned that money from various sources like acting, modelling, and promotional videos for brands. But her income and its sources fall drastically because of the conflict with her husband.

Separation Alimony 

Amber’s career was at its peak until the defamation suit filed against her by her ex husband Johnny Depp in 2018. In an article posted by the Washington post, Amber gave some statements in which she claimed that she faced domestic abuse and was a victim of domestic violence. And in response to those statements her ex husband filed a suit against her and claimed that Amber was the abuser in their relationship. In response to that case Amber also filed a defamation case against her ex husband in which she lost. As a result, the court asked her to pay a price of $10 million to her ex-husband

Her false claims led to the downfall of her career. She earned a huge amount of hatred from Johnny Depp’s fans and started losing the roles in the films. Her current income is reduced to $500,000 only

Salary Endorsements

Testimony given during Johnny Depp and Heard’s defamation trial revealed that they earned $10 million in revenue before taxes from various sources between 2013 and 2019. This included salaries and advertising. During this entire period, 2019 was his most prosperous year financially, with earnings of approximately $3 million.

Additionally, Amber revealed that she had signed a deal with Warner Bros. that allowed her to star in four films. His performance in the first Aquaman film earned him one million dollars. That said, the overall Aquaman franchise deal promised him $1 million for the first sequel and an additional $4 million if a third Aquaman film was made.

The testimony also revealed that Amber received a cool $200,000 per episode for her part in a nine-episode television series called “The Stand”, bringing in a total of $1.8 million from the effort. He also negotiated a two-year contract with L’Oréal worth $1.625 million.

Physical Appearance of Amber Heard

Physical Appearance of Amber Heard

As Amber Heard was born on 22nd April 1986, She is 37 years old now and will turn 38 in April 2024. Amber is a beautiful and smart woman. She has a height of 5 feet and 7 inches which considered a quite decent height for girls. She quite fit and takes good care of her body. Her weight 60 kg. She has beautiful blonde hair and green eyes which compliments her face and increases her beauty. And if we talk about body measurement, her chest size is 34 inches, her waist size is 27 inches and her hip size is 34 inches. She is in good shape and currently living a healthy life. 

Amber’s Educational Background

She belongs to a catholic family and went to St. Michael’s Catholic Academy for high school. But she identified herself as an Atheist at the age of sixteen and dropped out from her catholic school to pursue acting. She earned her diploma course in home study course. She married Johnny Depp, a popular Hollywood actor in 2015. But the couple broke up in 2017. Amber heard didn’t have any children with Johnny Depp. 

Family of Amber Heard

Amber was born in Austin, Texas, The United States of America in the family of Heards. She was born as the middle daughter in the three daughters. Her father, David Heard was a contractor and her mother, Paige Parsons was an internet Researcher. Her family used to live outside Austin. Her father was fond of horses and used to train horses in his free time. And because of that she grew up in an environment where she rode horses, hunting and fishing.  

Career of Amber Heard 

Career of amber heard

Amber Heard began her career in modelling as a teen. She took part in beauty pageants and moved to LA at a very young age to pursue acting and started her acting career with music videos and appeared in many famous videos like “There Goes My Life” by Chesney, and “Red Dirt Road” by Brooks & Dunn. She then did many TV shows such as great “Jack & Bobby” and the another one “The Mountains” etc. 

They debuted in the film industry with the movie,”Friday Night Lights (2004)”. And got her first leading role in the horror movie, “All the Boys Love Mandy Lane”. Amber also did many popular movies like Aquaman (2018 another Justice League (2017) and Aqua. The Lost Kingdom (2023), and many others. And for her work and talent she received many Awards like Young Hollywood Award for the category of Breakthrough of the year in 2008, Scream Award for Best Ensemble for Zombie land in 2010, Dollar Star Award, The Spotlight Award and many more.


Through this article, we have tried to share information on Amber Heard Net Worth which is generated from multiple sources such as her acting career, divorce case, social medial, brand endorsements, and much more. Amber Heard was popular because of her looks while, she became global sensation with her Divorce case with Johnny Depp.

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