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As a remarkable Chrome extension, IgFollower stands out from everyone. This tool is for businesses and individuals for their Instagram contacts. By using this tool, they can manage their Instagram contacts. This is an Instagram scrapper that automates the process of scraping user profiles.

In this content piece, we will dive into the comprehensive guide with top-rated tools. We will also discuss unique features and some expert insight. So, guys, you need to be ready now to take control of your Instagram destiny.

Overview of the IgFollower Tool

So, let me tell you that the IgFollower Tool exports any Instagram data to CSV files. This tool always stands out as a remarkable Chrome Extension designed for businesses. Sometimes, individuals who manage their Instagram contacts can also use the tool.

This is also an Instagram Scrapper automating the process of scraping user profiles. Moreover, this also includes publicly available emails, from Instagram followers and followers. Don’t worry, this tool has 5 out of 5 stars. So, this is the best Chrome extension for extracting Instagram followers and following.

Know the Pricing Plans of the IgFollower Tool

Nowadays, nothing is available free of cost. And yes, this tool is not an exception. They charge you to provide some beneficial services. Below are the two plans offered by this tool to use their services.

  1. Pro Plan (Recommended)- This plan boosts the export limit to 100,000 followers or followers at a time. The team has decided the price at $12.95 per month, down from $15.95. You will extra services by choosing this plan. They will offer you premium support and the same data extraction features as the Free Plan.
  1. Free Plan- This plan currently offers to export up to only 500 followers or following. This plan includes basic user profile information and public emails. Make sure only basic support is provided here.
  2. Don’t worry, within the first 7 days of use, both plans have a 100% money-back guarantee.

What Are Some Features of This IgFollower Tool?

Yes, IgFollower.net is packed with a range of features that are only designed to enhance user experience. Not one, but there are many features for using this tool. Let us understand them one by one in the below paragraphs.

The first feature offered by this tool is Private Account Data Access. Here, the tool can extract user profiles from private accounts. The accounts are chosen if the user follows or is followed by.

Moreover, this tool helps you to Export your files to CSV in one click. So, any user can export the following lists from Instagram to CSV files with a single click. This is the best feature a tool can offer to its users.

Additionally, anyone can continue extracting data from where they left off. So, this is a continuation and history feature offered by this tool. Here, users can continue browsing data where they left off and view their history.

Also, people need to make sure that this tool can extract detailed user profiles. This includes follower and following counts, biography, public email, post count, and more. This is a feature called comprehensive user profile extraction.

The last feature of this IgFollower is a versatile data export. So, besides emails, the tool allows exporting of a wealth of user data to CSV format. Thus, these are some features of this tool that one can look at. Else, this is the recommended tool for anyone to use to manage their Instagram contacts.

Some Tips To Master Export Tool For You

So, this is the section written only for you. As many of you need to use this tool, we have figured out some tips that can help you to use the same. In this era, having a large follower base is no longer a vanity metric. But, it is a strategic move.

Welcome to the IgFollower Tool- IG Tools. This is your secret arsenal for Instagram growth. Let us know some tips below,

  1. Selecting the Right Tool is very essential. Our thanks to IG Tools as Instagram growth has never been more accessible. This is users’ favorite tool as it boasts an easy interface and efficiency.
  2. Remember, when it comes to a professional-grade experience, this tool leads the pack. Yes, with a paid extension offering a free trial of the first 500 profiles. IgFollower is designed to harness the power of their Instagram audience.
  3. No need to worry about the effortless export when you use this tool. This tool takes you to new heights. It automates the scrapping of user profiles from Instagram followers and followers. So, in just a few steps anyone can begin using this tool. 
  4. Here, you need to make sure to cool down mode activation when rate limit errors. As per experience, gradual cooldown increases if errors persist. As already mentioned, this is a freemium software. You can export your first 500 followers for free using this tool.
  5. Privacy and Security never beats. Your Instagram security always matters first. Never give you social media login information as none of these tools need the same. You should ensure that your data, user information, and emails remain safe and private. The tool has no access to your Instagram password or any personal data.
  6. When you buy any pricing plan of this tool, you will get a full money refund guarantee in the first 7 days.


In summary, no matter what, this IgFollower tool opens up a world of possibilities for your IG growth. Always remember, this is not about numbers, it is about understanding and engaging your audience. Thus, throughout the article we have tried to gather all reliable information about the tool and understood its essence. It includes information like features, pricing plans and tips for getting engaged with your followers. We hope you find the article worthwhile to collect the information of your requirement.


The content describes the details about igfollowers tool and meant for learning purpose only. We do guarantee the accuracy of data or do not promote any platform. In situations of inaccuracy, our site will not be responsible as we do not have its ownership.

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