Prerna Malhan: Indian Youtuber Famous for Travel Vlogs

prerna malhan

Do you know that the YouTube landscape is very much dominated in today’s era? Yes, it is full of content creators, but only a handful of women YouTubers exist. Guys, among them, one is Prerna Malhan. Conversely, she is better known as Wanderers Hub.

Moreover, she is also the one who is closely associated with one of India’s biggest YouTubers. Yes, she is the elder sister of Triggered Insaan and Fukra Insaan. So, Prerna’s YouTube journey is not as challenging as others. Here, let us know more about her in the below sections.

Short Biography of Prerna Malhan- Who is She?

A family-friendly YouTuber, Prerna Malhan develops content on her channel. Remember, she has a channel named Wanderer’s Hub. The channel features travel adventures, food challenges, reactions, and more. She was born on 7 April 1990, in New Delhi, India.

Moreover, she started her YouTube journey after transitioning from blogging. No doubt, she got immense support from her brothers Nishcay Malhan and Abhishek Malhan. As she was born in New Delhi, Prerna holds Indian nationality.

Know the Physical Appearance of Prerna Malhan

People are waiting to know the physical appearance of the youtuber Prerna. Let me tell you that Prerna is standing confidently at 5 feet 5 inches. Remember, brown is her hair colour, and black, is her eye colour.

Prerna is 34 years old as per official report of 2024. Also, Prerna’s weight is around 55 kilograms. About her physical appearance, there is not much info. But, we make sure that will add them as soon as possible.

Early Life and Education of Prerna Malhan

Don’t think that the family was born rich. She was born in a very normal and middle-class family. Make sure that she was brought up among her brothers and other loved ones. In the initial stages, she worked as a corporate executive for ten months.

Later, she joined another office after leaving the first one. As usual, Prerna was not satisfied with her job and the earnings she was getting. She thought of following her heart and that’s exploring and going on adventures.

Guys, this was the time when she got a chance to jump from her ultimate career. DAV school Pushpanjali Enclave, New Delhi is Prerna’s primary and secondary school. Let me tell you that she was an above-average student till the 12th class.

Moreover, after completing her 12th, she got registered in Vivekanand School of Professional Studies. There, she studied media and mass communication as a course. Nowadays, Prerna is the one who holds a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communication. Make sure that this possesses fluency in both spoken and written English.

Career of Prerna Malhan

After reading the above section, we came to know that Prerna was a very intelligent student. So, after completing her college education, she indulged in the corporate world. Yes, here, she gains valuable experience across various roles.

Moreover, she got a chance to begin or start her career as a content writer at Weblink India Pvt Limited. Let me tell you that she showcased her writing skills for nine straight months. Later, she transitioned to the role of Senior Content Developer at JMC Cyber Flabors iteS Solutions Pvt Limited. Here, she worked for four years with hard work and dedication. Yes, this refined her expertise in content development.

Additionally, after her corporate endeavours, Malhan moved towards editorial roles. Guys, this served as an editor at the Indian Wedding Site. Here, we all know the success of her website, she thought to expand her horizons to YouTube. No doubt, this was gained with the guidance of her brothers. Later, focusing on her lifestyle, travel, fun challenges, and food content, she quickly garnered a loyal following. You won’t believe that she has a YouTube family of around 8 million subscribers.

Family Background of Prerna Malhan

By this, you must have come to know that Prerna belongs to the popular family of Malhan. Do you know that there are 4 out of 5 family members as YouTubers? Dimple Malhan and Vinay Malhan are the parents of Prerna. 

Nishchay and Abhishek Malhan are Prerna’s two younger brothers. Their name is enough to get more information and identity. We all know that Prerna’s mother and two brothers are sensational YouTube creators having a huge list of subscribers.

Additionally, her mother, Dimple Chauhan has two YouTube vlogging channels. The names of her channels are Dimple’s Kitchen and Dimple Malhan Vlogs. Mean Triggered Insaan is a famous YouTube channel owned by Nishchay Malhan.

Besides this, her father, Vinay Malhan runs a small business to support his family. How can we here forget Abhishek Malhan? Make sure that he also has a YouTube channel named Fukra Insaan which is very popular and trending on YouTube.

Personal Life of Prerna Malhan

Guys, it is very interesting to know that she tied the knot with a very supportive person. Yes, the name of her husband is Harsh Gupta. He is a businessman whom she married in the year 2015.

You won’t believe but Harsh extended his support towards Prerna in not only one aspect but various aspects of her life. Once, during a music video interview, Prerna unveiled that she met Harsh first time when they were in 9th standard. During the 11th standard, after two years, they started dating each other.

Moreover, Harsh helps his wife with travel, everyday tasks, and YouTube ventures. Thus, the couple shares a close bond with Prerna’s family, especially her brothers Abhishek and Nishchay.

Information about Prerna’s Baby

People call Prerna and Harsh a power couple as they support each other in every way possible. Thus, on 6th April 2023, the couple was blessed with a baby boy, Asher Malhan.

If you don’t know, Asher Malhan also has one Instagram handle managed by his parents. Yes, the couple also has engagement from his social media handle. Let me tell you that Asher is popular on the internet with his cute looks.

Net Worth of Prerna Malhan

After knowing this much, you are now ready to know the shocking net worth of Prerna Malhan. Her net worth is nearly around 10 to 15 crore Indian rupees as per official reports.

Moreover, the monthly income of Prerna is nearly around INR 5 Lakh. Let me tell you that her major source of income is YouTube videos and brand promotions. Besides this, her other sources are her Instagram handle where she gets paid for collaborations with different brands.

Some Unknown Facts About Prerna Malhan

Guys, there are still many unknown facts about Prerna. So, let us discuss some facts below for your better understanding.

  1. As per reports, Prerna is a huge dog lover. Thus, she is a proud owner of a furry companion, Bella.
  2. Prerna is very multi-talented and she owns 3 YouTube channels. Her YouTube channel includes Wanderers Hub, Wanderers Hub Shorts, and Wanderers Live.
  3. Later her husband, Harsh Gupta, and Prerna made cameo appearances in the music video. Remember, the name of that music video is directed by Gajendra Verma, “Tera Ishq”.
  4. After some time, Prerna also featured in another music video, Kala Dhaga opposite Harsh Gupta.
  5. Before starting her career in YouTube, Prerna began her career as a blogger and content writer.


After knowing Prerna’s success story, you must have thought that she has won many achievements. Yes, she is the one who owes to her unwavering consistency and relentless hard work.

So, let me tell you that on YouTube, Prerna has 8 million subscribers. No doubt, this is already one achievement for her. Additionally, in the Lifestyle category Female 2023 Award, she won a popular choice LuxuryDot.PR award.

Besides this, Prerna has also achieved the ‘Silver Creator Award’ and ‘Gold Creator Award’. Yes, this was won for her both YouTube channels- Wanderers Hub and Wanderers Live.

Your Important Takeaways

Here, we complete all the chapters of her life. Thus, it became evident that her story is more than a collection of videos. From the entire Prerna’s journey, one can abstract valuable lessons about the power of determination.

Moreover, her role from a content writer to a successful YouTuber and blogger holds significance. She is also the one who pursues one passion with unwavering dedication.

Yes, this confirms that her story inspires us to embrace change and leverage our strengths. Sometimes, this also persists in the books of our dreams. Prerna Malhan’s journey celebrates the essence of wanderlust.


1. How Prerna’s Family Contributed to her Digital Legacy?

As per reports, Prerna’s family, including her mother Dimple Malhan, and brother Nischay Malhan has played a crucial role in her digital legacy. The whole family has together created a very dynamic online presence.

2. By whom Prerna Malhan was inspired to start her YouTube journey?

As we already discussed her passion to travel is her inspiration to start the YouTube journey. After completing Mass Communication studies, she has the desire to share her adventures on Wanderers Hub. 

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