Neha Unnikrishnan: A Woman’s Service to the Society

neha unnikrishnan

We often find ourselves standing on unfamiliar and unfair paths in life. Our perspective on the path determines whether it leads to goodness or misery. This is the story of one such brave lady named Neha Unnikrishnan. Let’s begin!


Mr Sandeep Unnakrishnan was a courageous Indian Army Officer. He is known for his heroic actions during the 2008 Taj Attack, in Mumbai. He bravely fought for our country and lives in the hearts of people with immense respect.

Neha Unnikrishnan is the proud wife of Late Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan. She hails from a small town in Kerala, India. She grew up exploring her interest towards art and learning. Also she excelled in painting, music and academics. Sandeep Unnikrishnan Neha Unnikrishnan are both like soulmates.

Neha has dedicated her life to preserving the memories of his husband. She is enforcing it through Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan Memorial Trust. The organization aims to support the families of Martyred Soldiers. Society needs to know about the compassionate lady. Let’s get acquainted and learn about our Lady Hero!

Early Life and Personal Background

Neha’s upbringing was a vivid blend of traditional values and modern influences. This diversity shaped her as a strong community leader and made her dedicated to the service.

Academically, Neha was bright. Her inclination towards a humanitarian cause was naturally evident. 

Growing up, Neha had a very curious mind and a zeal to learn new things. This learning attitude was much appreciated by her family. Curiosity and a Deep Appreciation for cultural and social diversity were evident from her childhood.

Journey of Neha and Sandeep

Mr and Mrs Unnikrishnan had a similar value for serving the country. The love birds met through their mutual friends. The deep admiration for each other’s value got them together. Their relationship started against the backdrop of Sandeep’s remarkable military career. 

They tied the knot of love in December 2005. Their marriage was based on deep love and much more. It was a relationship built on Mutual Respect and Shared Values. Neha always stood by Sandeep’s side, supporting him. Their bond grew stronger through military life challenges.

Sandeep showed great bravery during the 2008 Mumbai attacks. Unfortunately, He sacrificed his life to save others. Neha lost her life partner. She established the Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan Memorial Trust to preserve the memories of her love. Neha’s work reflects their shared values.

Role as a Philanthropist

Through her social work, It is evident that serving society leads her to peace of mind. She diverted her grief into meaningful action through the Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan Memorial Trust. 

The trust focuses on uplifting various welfare initiatives. It is aimed at developing the lives of military families who lost their loved ones for the Nation. 

  • The Key Activities include helping in the education of children belonging to families of soldiers who lost their lives. This is done by providing educational scholarships. 
  • The trust also supports and offers financial assistance to needy households.
  • The team also focus on organising counselling sessions for the family members to cope with their loss.
  • The trust runs programs to promote skill development and self-sufficiency among the family members of military personnel.

Inspirational Insights and Self-Reflection

Lessons Learned

Mrs Neha Unnikrishnan’s journey teaches the importance of getting up after falling. She beautifully demonstrated the path to finding strength and purpose even after a significant loss in her life.

She could have lived her life with the sympathy of people all her life. Rather, She chose to stand for the cause to make society a better place to live. She truly excelled in giving meaning to her life.

Neha’s Wisdom and Perspective

Neha Unnikrishnan illuminates the importance of community support. She taught us the meaning of ‘the healing power of service’. She made an impact of respecting loved ones through meaningful work.

Her story shows the society we live in. We sometimes become so selfish to fulfil our wants that we forget of other’s needs. Neha taught us about our responsibility to keep ourselves and the people around us happy. 

Inspiration for Others Facing Adversity

Neha Unnikrishnan story is a hope for those facing difficult times. Her message is clear: resilience, dedication, and helping others can turn personal tragedy into a legacy of positive change, inspiring others to persevere.


Neha Unnikrishnan’s journey is hardworking, dedicated, and selfless. She showed curiosity and talent in childhood. As a wife, she supported Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan. After his death, she turned sorrow into service. She established the Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan Memorial Trust. This trust supports military families. Neha’s story shows the power of community support. It inspires people to turn tragedy into a mission. Her journey motivates anyone facing tough times to keep going.

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