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There are so many people who are using the internet now to surf websites, just like you. But the availability of the data on the internet is much more than the people using it and the  problem is that not every kind of data is available to every person in the world, sometimes it is restricted  to explore some data for some users. Restrictions can be made mostly on the basis of your citizenship and age. But humans are a curious species and  want access over all the restricted fields. Proxiyum is created for the same reasons. It gives you access over restrictions, and that is also with ensured anonymity. Here we are reviewing its nature and safety. 

What is Proxiyum?

Proxiyum is an innovative creation in the world of technology. It is a web proxy tool which allows you to keep your identity anonymous and provides you freedom to explore the content of your choice. The major theme of this institution is to ensure the privacy of their users. It keeps your data and ip address encrypted. 

Key Characteristics Of Proxyium

The portal has a huge mentions of key characteristics which are mentioned below:

  • SSL Encryption: The platform is designed with an SSL Security certificate that gives you guarantee of protection from hacking and blocking unauthorized access to user’s data.
  • Multi support: Compatible with computers, smartphones, laptops, and tablets it support all devices where they additionally works in compatible mode with different devices in wide usage.
  • Web Page Sharing: Using the tool that offers the sharing of web pages allowing friends and known ones to access the identical URL through the given page link.

Why are people choosing Proxiyum?

Proxiyum helps you to surf the content which can be restricted in your locality without compromising the quality. You can access every kind of content anonymously at this site including images, blogs and video content with just searching your desired result or by copying the official link of that website. 

How to access?

To access proxiyum you can follow the given steps:

  • Choose your preferred browsing site to open the proxiyum
  • Enter Proxiyum on the search bar or paste the URL link to open the official page
  • There will be availability of various servers. You have to choose your server to get the results (you can change your server anytime)
  • Once you are done with the  server application, you have to click the “ go” tab to continue. It will help you to open the web page without disclosing your identity.
  • Now you customize it as per your preferences, changes may include encryption level, DNS preferences etc. 

Benefits of Proxiyum

It ensures you provide better experience and results than the other web proxy sites. Let’s discuss its advantages to know how it is preferred option:

  • Anonymity: It hides your ip address to ensure that you browse without  displaying your real identity.
  • Permalinks: You can visit the restricted sites through these permalinks shared on the website. It also allows you to share it with your friends and family.
  • Unrestricted number of downloads: The content available at the site is accessible to all and you can download it several times for free without any restrictions.
  • Access to major websites: It ensures  that you can explore the popular sites like YouTube and Netflix anonymously.
  • Encrypted SSL: This site utilizes encryption of SSL for better security of the sites by not offering direct SSL.

Challenges faced by users

Just like other web proxy platforms even it has some problems and limitations. A  user should know about the  limitations and conditions well enough before using it. We have cleared it out for you in some points where the site lacks.

  • Not reliable: It says to provide you an experience of anonymous surfing but it is not measurable that your data is encrypted or not. Most of the sites like these are unable to ensure complete privacy. 
  • Legal risks: You can get into legal troubles as it is not legalized to use or explore the restricted data or sites. It is a punishable offense to laws.
  • Modified versions: The content may carry some modifications to provide a secure experience but that leads you to a content which may not carry all the authenticity.
  • Advertisement: These proxy mediums carry a lot of  advertisement which is of no use on their  website which wastes a lot of your time. Distractions can  be one of the  limitations faced by these advertisements.
  • Speed:  Use it with an expectancy of slow internet speed if you are using the site. The data you are surfing may have to go through some other servers which results in slow internet speed.

Privacy and Security Problems With Proxiyum

Everyone is worried about their security and privacy and therefore the Proxiyum is made for that. So, below are some safety concerns taken by the platform listed:

  • It has provided the feature of customization that users can use to adjust their custom level of preference for managing the feature of getting informed about the information that people can learn about it.
  • As we are talking about the security measures, its important to make use of a proper and unique password for your system.
  • Its important to make your data safe and private from other ways as the data sharing at proxiyum is always done in enscribe form.


To summarize this article, we can say that proxiyum is a platform which promises you anonymity and privacy. It provides you access to the restricted platform including all the popular major and advanced sites  Even after giving you full assurance it lacks at some points as no web proxy platforms can guarantee that your data would remain encrypted. It is a platform which needs to be used with determined responsibility and only for legal and ethical objectives. 


The data and information shared in this article is totally based on our results of detailed research on the respective topic and we do not promote or endorse the uses of this website, the information here is only to provide required information. We have tried to provide the most authentic information to the readers.This research may differ a little from the authentic data available at the official page. Consideration of this content is at your own risk.

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