Wiz Khalifa Net Worth and Latest News: Everything to Know

Cameron Jibril Thomaz, born on September 8, 1987, is known by his stage name Wiz Khalifa. He is an American singer, rapper, and actor. His debut studio album, Show and Prove (2006) was telecasted through the local independent label Rostrum Records. Later, he signed with Warner Bros. Records the next year. This article will dive deep into Wiz Khalifa’s net worth, Early Life, Career, Profession, and much more detailed information. 

Let us together uncover the facts about this legendary singer, actor, and rapper in the below paragraphs. 

Early Life of Wiz Khalifa 

Early life wiz khalifa image source (Instagram)
  • Wiz Khalifa took birth on September 8, 1987, in Minot, North Dakota. He was born to parents serving in the military force. Cameron Jibril Thomaz’s parents divorced when he was three years old. He was a military brat, frequently moving around his parents’ military service. 
  • Wiz lived in Germany, the United Kingdom, and Japan before setting in Pittsburg with his mother in 1996. He attended Taylor Allderdice High School. Soon after moving to Pittsburg, Khalifa started to write and perform his lyrics before he was a teenager. 
  • Cameron’s stage name is derived from ‘Khalifa’ an Arabic word meaning ‘successor’ and wisdom that was shortened to Wiz when Khalifa was a very young boy. He also stated to Spinner.com that the name also came from being called ‘Young Wiz’ cause he was good at everything he did. 
  • Moreover, his granddad is Muslim, so he gave him that name. On his 17th birthday, he tattooed his hand with his stage name, Wiz Khalifa.  By the age of 15, Wiz Khalifa was regularly recording his music at a local studio called I.D. Labs. Impressed by his talent, the owner of the studio gave Wiz an offer as an Intern job at the particular studio and made a deal for free recording time.

Professional Career of Wiz Khalifa 

  • In 2004, Benjy Grinberg, the President of Rostrum Records heard about Wiz Khalifa when he got attracted by Khalifa’s contribution to a mixtape of various new Pittsburg artists. When the President finally met Wiz Khalifa, he immediately decided he wanted to work with him, later telling HitQuarters. 
  • Soon, Khalifa signed to the label shortly after and started seven years of artist development. However, the mixtape paved the way for his first album in 2006. Later, Wiz was announced as an artist to watch that year in Rolling Stone magazine. 
  • In 2007, he signed to Warner Bros. Records. There he released two mixtapes through Rostrum Records which was hosted by DJ Green Lantern. Luckily, his debut Warner Bros. single ‘Say Yeah’ reached number 25 on the Billboard Rhythmic Top 40 music chart and number 20 on Billboard’s Hot Rap Tracks. 
  • Unfortunately, he got separated from Warner Bros. Records in the year 2009. This was after many delays in releasing his pre-planned album for the label, First Flight. 
  • Later, he was seen featuring with Girl Talk, Modey Lemon, Donora, and Don Caballero at Pittsburg in 2009. At the location, he announced the end of his bond with Warner Bros. 

Shocking Net Worth of Wiz Khalifa 

Shocking Net Worth Of Wiz Khalifa image source (Instagram)

The wiz khalifa net worth of an American singer, rapper, and songwriter is beyond your imagination. Yes, Wiz Khalifa’s net worth is around $70 Million. The amount is worth his hard work and dedication to the work he is doing. 

Wiz Khalifa Wife 

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  • In early 2011, Wiz Khalifa commenced dating model Amber Rose. In 2012, Wiz and Amber got engaged. Later, in 2013, they married in a lavish destination. The pair have one son, Sebastian Taylor born in 2013. Unfortunately, it was declared that Amber Rose filed for divorce in 2014, citing irreconcilable differences. 
  • Soon after this, he was seen in a very renowned cooking show with Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart. Later, he started training in martial arts in May 2017 with Rigan Machado. 
  • The luckiest day for Wiz Khalifa was when the Pittsburg City Council declared 12-12-12 (December 12, 2012,) to be Wiz Khalifa Day in the whole city. He is a very vocal proponent of marijuana.

Wiz Khalifa Son

So, as of 2015, the couple have joint custody of their son, Sebastian. Later, Khalifa is open about his use of cannabis, and he has also claimed that he spends $10,000 a month on cannabis. He also smokes daily. After some time, he was sponsored by The Cookie Company, a medical marijuana dispensary that sells his ‘Khalifa Kush’ strain, he no longer pays for cannabis. 

Wiz Khalifa Injury

In June 2023, Wiz let his fans know about what had been happening up to the last couple of days. The 35-year- old rapper sent out a few tweets letting the world know that he suffered a small cartilage tear in his pelvis area. Although there are some videos shared by him over his tiktok videos and other social media handles. Wiz’s videos show him in black Calvin Klein briefs and black tape running across his lower back.

Some Salary Highlights of Wiz Khalifa 

The salary of Wiz Khalifa has been tracked his salary earnings since 2011 and the result is shown below breaking down,

Year Approx Salary of Wiz Khalifa 
2011$11 Million
2012$9 Million 
2013$14 Million
2014$13 Million 
2015$22 Million 
2016$24 Million
2017$28 Million 
2018$10 Million 
2019$18 Million 
2020$4 Million 
2021$4 Million 

So, by the above table, it is identified that the salary of Wiz Khalifa from 2011 is continuously increasing. But. in the last four years it has degraded due to the Pandemic Covid-19. Also, the total salary till the year 2021 is approximately $157 Million. 

Real Estate of Wiz Khalifa 

  • So, before buying the first masterpiece in LA real estate, firstly he lived in a rental home in the LA suburbs. For this home, he gave $16,000 per month in rent. He also gave Architectural Digest a tour of his home. Later, in 2019, he and his son Sebastian settled in a home in the Los Angeles suburb of Encino. 
  • Wiz also bought the contemporary-style home for $3.5 million. The house has 6,000 sq feet, featuring five bedrooms, six and a half bathrooms, a built-in wine bar, a home theatre, an elegant kitchen with appliances and fixtures, various fireplaces, and a fortune place for a closet. The house also has different smart security systems all around. 
  • Also, in the backyard, a barbecue area with an outdoor kitchen, swimming, and a spa. The house also consists of a pool house with a bathroom. He listed this house for $4.5 Million in 2022. Later, in the same year, he purchased a newly constructed home in Encino for $7.6 Million.

Wiz Khalifa and His Wife Aimee Aguilar Publicize They are Expecting First Kid Together

Wiz Khalifa will be a young girl father. The Taylor Gang honcho and his sweetheart Aimee Aguilar reported that the couple is expecting their most memorable kid together.

The Pittsburgh local collaborated with Clear Blue to make it official on Father’s Day (June 16) with an Instagram post uncovering that they have a child young girl on the way.

Khalifa shared a photograph close by Aguilar holding a Blue pregnancy test while Aimee posted photographs flaunting her developing child knock from her maternity shoot.

Wiz and Aguilar got a lot of affection in their remark segment following the declaration, however didn’t uncover a due date for the child.

The “Roll Up” rapper’s ex Golden Rose, with whom he shares 11-year-old child Sebastian together, tried to compliment the couple on their beloved newborn.

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